NEW RELEASE – Brahms 3 vom Label Soli Deo Gloria


ab Anfang September 2009 erscheint beim Label: Soli Deo Gloria die CD „SDG 704“ innerhalb des Brahms-Zyklus „Brahms 3“

Cover SDG Brahms 3 Neuveröffentlichung in 09/2009

Cover SDG 704 Brahms 3 Neuveröffentlichung in 09/2009

Trackliste des Albums und weitere Infos erfolgen in Kürze.

Also ist wieder ein Meilenstein in den Brahms-Einspielungen zu erwarten.



3 Gedanken zu „NEW RELEASE – Brahms 3 vom Label Soli Deo Gloria

  1. Barbara

    Heute, 2. Juli 2009, vor 57 Minuten
    sdgrecordings: Morning…Very happy with initial response to Brahms 3 (SDG704) cover…bring on the release! 🙂 Album and tracklist info coming soon

    Gefällt mir

  2. Volker Autor


    ein veröffentlichtes Interview von Gardiner zur Brahms-Einspielung 3, SDG 704, erscheint ab 7. September 2009.

    Hier das Interview von Hugh Wood mit J.E. Gardiner zu Brahms 3:

    Juli 10, 2009 – Freitag

    NEW RELEASE – SDG704 (Brahms Symphony 3):extract from John Eliot’s interview with Hugh Wood

    NEW RELEASE – SDG704 (Brahms Symphony 3): Packshot and extract from John Eliot’s interview with Hugh Wood – Online exclusive

    John Eliot Gardiner
    in conversation with Hugh Wood

    Hugh Wood Looking back over the years, Brahms once suggested that in his music he seemed always to be ‘milking the same udder’. Do you feel that is true of the Third Symphony in relation to its predecessors?

    John Eliot Gardiner No. If the First is seminal and epic – his coming to terms with the legacy of Beethoven and his complicated relationship with the two Schumanns – and the Second is (as you describe it) more relaxed and amenable, the Third is a symphony of protest and acquiescence. I don’t mean this in a Tchaikovskian, self-displaying manner, but in the way that in this symphony Brahms, at the age of fifty, shakes his fist at the march of time and then resigns himself to its inevitability. Behind the portly, bearded, professorial exterior is still the ‘young eagle… the true apostle who will inscribe revelations that many Pharisees… will not decipher for centuries to come’ that Robert Schumann described to Joachim in 1853.

    Thirty years on Brahms is still young at heart, ‘frei, aber einsam’, as he described himself, still bent on fulfilling his artistic aims and ambitions on the symphonic stage, however much he might try to conceal them from even his closest friends. You only have to listen to the opening bars of the Third Symphony to be blown away by the grandeur and heroism of the main theme, with its striding cross-rhythms strongly influenced by the opening to Schumann’s ‘Rhenish’ symphony. There it’s perhaps more noble in its dalliance with the Viennese waltz, but here it’s more dashing and defiant.

    The above extract is the first question in the extensive interview featured in the next installment of the successful Brahms series on SDG.


    SDG 704 Release date: 7 September 2009


    Gefällt mir


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